Older SCMS Recordings

Louis Spohr: Chamber Music - The Smithsonian Chamber Players & L'Archibudelli

Vera Beths, Lisa Rautenbertg, Jody Gatwood & Linda Quan, violins; Steven Dann & Guus Jeukendrop, violas; Anner Bylsma & Kenneth Slowik, violoncelli

SONY Vivarte SK 53307

Spohr: Octet (Double Quartet) in D Minor, Op. 65; Sextet in C Major, Op. 140; Quintet in G Major, Op. 33, No. 2, Grande Quintetto

Louis Spohr’s G Major Quintet was considered by some contemporary critics to rival Beethoven’s best compositions. Better still are Spohr’s later, Mendelssohnian Sextet and his sumptuous Octet. All are performed magnificently in this collaboration between two leading historical-performance groups.

The New Yorker